j.e. moser's 875973 pumice and rotten stone

j.e. moser's 875973 pumice and rotten stone 1 j.e. moser's 875973 pumice and rotten stone 2

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Rottenstone - Lee Valley Tools

Where pumice is applied to cut and level the finish coats, rottenstone can be used after pumice on the final finish coat to polish the surface Use water or....

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Rubbing Out a Finish on Woodworking

After you've wiped off the remaining pumice and checked for a consistent sheen, you may want to use rottenstone to rub the finish to a high gloss It's applied the....

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Rotten stone - Wikipedia

Rotten stone, sometimes spelled as rottenstone, also known as tripoli, is fine powdered porous , It has similar applications to pumice, but it is generally sold as a finer powder and used for a more glossy polish after an initial treatment with....

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Amazon: Rottenstone, 1 lb: Home Improvement

One of the finest substances used in wood finishing Primarily used to polish a lacquered or varnished surface after a coarse rubbing with Pumice Stone...

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Creates a ultra smooth, polished finish J E Moser's® natural abrasive products, used along with paraffin oil for a lubricant and felt blocks to rub, are excellent....

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Pumice Stone, Rotten Stone and Felt Blocks | Rockler Woodworking ,

Use a felt application block to rub onto the surface Rotten stone is a finer grit than Pumice stone Use Rotten stone after Pumice stone to achieve a higher gloss...

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